In 2020, Corporate Girl Boutique was founded by P. Decorda Darville. I always enjoyed dressing for business, I love the sound of my stilettoes clicking on the marble tiles, the reflection of success as I rode the elevator. The power and confidence that beamed through me was both inspiring yet, admittedly, slightly enviable. But more often than not I found my sartorial option all to disappointing- the offering of contemporary workwear felt like it was at the bottom of the agenda. I believe with that right style and imagination for work-appropriate pieces conformed the notions of who I, as a professional young woman should look like. 

I found myself in question with other like-minded women and the question over what to wear to work unwittingly became a common point of discussion among us. I found myself having real insight into what essentially became the foundations for Corporate Girl Boutique- understanding the professional woman's  needs and creating a stylish contemporary wardrobe for her. 

Having walked similar footsteps as many of our clients, I empathize with the demands of work wardrobe needs to fulfil.